Optick Algorithm Solutions Inc. was founded by Dr. Yunwei Jia and Dr. Baoxin Hu in 2012, based in Ontario, Canada.

Yunwei Jia's technical background is concentrated in computer vision, digital image processing, video processing, and data compression. Dr. Jia has 20+ years of experience in developing algorithms in these areas. He previously served in senior technical roles for Broadcom, AMD, Gennum, and LSI Logic, where he was involved in various aspects of image / video processing for consumer electronics, including noise reduction, de-interlacing, video codec, frame-rate conversion, super-resolution, crosstalk reduction and depth control for 3DTV. In the early years of his career, he worked as a research engineer in the Ministry of Public Security, China, where he was involved in real-time video compression and encryption. Dr. Jia holds 19 US patents and has authored numerous journal articles and conference papers. Yunwei Jia received a Ph. D. from University of Waterloo (Canada), an M.Sc. from University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (USA), an M.Eng. and a B.Eng. from Tianjin University (China), all in electrical engineering.  
Baoxin Hu's technical background is in signal and image processing, and photogrammetry and remote sensing. Dr. Hu's professional experience covers a wide range of aspects of remote sensing data processing, including radiometric and geometric correction, ortho-rectification, segmentation, classification, interpretation and analysis, and GIS integration. Dr. Hu has extensive work experience with hyperspectral data, multi-angular data, high-spatial resolution imagery, and LiDAR data. She is a professor in Geomatics Engineering at York University, Ontario, Canada. Her research focuses on vegetation characterization for precision forestry and wild-life habitat mapping, and 3D modelling of surface objects for engineering survey. Previously, she worked at the Canadian Space Agency and was involved in its Hyperspectral Environment and Resource Observer (HERO) mission, with focus on user requirements definition, data flow modeling, and analysis of data compression technologies. In the early years of her career, Dr. Hu worked at the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, and developed an image processing system for remote sensing applications. Her work has resulted in numerous publications. Baoxin Hu holds a Ph.D. in remote sensing and GIS from Boston University (USA),  and a M.Eng. and B.Eng. in electrical engineering from Tianjin University (China). Dr. Hu is a certified member of Professional Engineer of Ontario.


Dr. Yunwei Jia

Dr. Baoxin Hu