Optick Algorithm Solutions specializes in developing image / video processing algorithms for consumer electronics.

We have deep experience working on various image / video processing algorithms for consumer electronics (set-top-box, digital TV, etc.), including de-interlacing, noise reduction, image enhancement, frame-rate conversion, super-resolution, video codec, and depth-control and crosstalk reduction for 3DTV. We are adept at implementing these algorithms on various platforms and architectures, such as SoC, DSP, etc.. Optick Algorithms Solutions is also skilled at developing special-purpose algorithms to solve customers’ unique problems with specific requirements and constraints. A number of algorithms have been custom-designed by us and utilized by major consumer electronics manufacturers.

Optick Algorithm Solutions was founded in 2012 and is based in Ontario, Canada.
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“I had the pleasure of hiring Yunwei at Optick Algorithm to develop a novel, real-time algorithm for 3D stereo image processing. I cannot speak highly enough of him and his work. Within a short period of time he understood our challenge, internalized our background technology, and moved forward under his own direction to further develop the technology and the IP around it. He’s also the rare technologist who understands what it takes to sell a technology into the marketplace, and uses the commercial goal to guide his technology strategy. I would hire him again in a minute." 

Andrew Ferrone
Vice President, Product Management