About Us

Dr. Yunwei Jia


Yunwei Jia's technical background is in digital image / video processing, computer vision, 3D modeling, and data compression. Dr. Jia has 20+ years of experience in developing algorithms in these areas. He is the inventor of 20 patents granted by USPTO and author of 11 research articles. He holds a Ph. D. from University of Waterloo (Canada), an M.Sc. from University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (USA), an M.Eng. and a B.Eng. from Tianjin University (China), all in electrical engineering.

Dr. Baoxin Hu


Baoxin Hu's technical background is in signal and image processing, photogrammetry, and remote sensing. Dr. Hu's professional experience covers a wide range of aspects of remote sensing data processing, including radiometric and geometric correction, ortho-rectification, segmentation, classification, interpretation and analysis, and GIS integration. Dr. Hu has extensive work experience with multispectral/hyperspectral, multi-angular, high-spatial resolution imagery, and LiDAR data. She is a professor in Geomatics Engineering at York University, Ontario, Canada. Her research focuses on vegetation characterization from multi-source remotely sensed data for precision forestry and wildlife habitat mapping, and 3D modelling of surface objects for engineering survey. She holds a Ph. D. from Boston University (USA) in GIS and remote sensing, and an M.Eng. and a B.Eng. from Tianjin University (China), in electrical engineering. Dr. Hu is a certified member of Professional Engineer of Ontario.