Optick Algorithm Solutions

Innovative Opticks Technology

for image / video processing, 3D modeling, and remote sensing, from ideas through algorithms and beyond.

image / video processing

We have extensive experience working on various image / video processing algorithms for consumer electronics and professional film post-production, such as de-interlacing, noise reduction, image enhancement, frame-rate conversion, super-resolution, video codec, depth-control and crosstalk reduction for 3DTV, and depth re-allocation for stereoscopic content.

3D modeling

3D modeling has been applied in many aspects of our life, such as video game development, movie production, architecture, medical science, construction, etc.. We specialize in 3D indoor modeling for on-line furniture shopping and 3D modeling of open-pit quarry from UAV data for mining management.

remote sensing

Among many applications of remote sensing, we specialize in vegetation characterization from multi-source remotely sensed data.